New! Ireland Cotton Tweed Fabric

We've been extra-busy lately working on a collection of fabrics created in the USA with slipcovers in mind. Ireland is the first pattern, and while we're planning many colors, I'm starting with Light Grey and Sable, two nice neutrals at opposite ends of the color spectrum.  I love tweed-y, mingled-linen textures because they're so rich and interesting and family friendly too! Our longtime favorite, Lido Flax, is the best fur camouflage around - but it's a medium-level on the durability scale.  I wanted something that would do give us that great mingled appearance, but have a higher performance level.  It also has to be smooth and tightly woven enough not to"pick" easily. The heavier hand is nice, because it hangs well without those linen shabby-crumply wrinkles. I love wrinkled linen! But it's not everyone's taste, so we're happy to offer another option with Ireland.

Here's the Light Grey:

It'll work well for modern interiors too, mixing with both lively colors and other neutrals.

Here's the Sable:

It's a nice color if you like burlap, and grain-sack fabrics, and khaki.  It's the perfect versatile shade that can look French Country or Urban. Here it is on a sofa slipcover:


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