Fiji Turquoise Palm Frond Sofa Slipcover

So exciting -  project photos of my Fiji Turquoise fabric as a sofa slipcover!  Working with a mill here in South Carolina, I created Fiji to be durable, washable and easy to live with.  The palm frond pattern is easy to work with and scaled perfectly for furniture.  Made from recycled cotton fibers with a bit of synthetic for durability, Fiji comes in Bleached White, Natural, Turquoise, Indigo, Black, Linen, and Spa.  We were pleased as punch when it was chosen for a family game room done in beachy, bright colors.  Here's a peek at the color scheme:

 The existing sofa was in good shape, so a slipcover was the perfect solution since the room is a hangout for the grandkids. We pre-shrunk the fabric (as we always do), so it would truly be wash-and-wear.  Because of the way the palm fronds are scattered on the fabric, it was simple to lay out the pattern and center it on the cushions without a lot of waste.  This fabric can be used either railroaded or up the bolt, which I really love for making the skirting and larger sofa panels without having to match and seam it in a  bunch of places.  Decorative fabrics that are intended for furniture usually have the patterns laid out and scaled to fit common furniture sizes, so cutting out cushion fronts and backs should go pretty smoothly.  If the pattern is all-over like Fiji, it's quite forgiving so don't be intimidated - if you want a Palm Frond sofa, tackle that slipcover!  




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