Washable Sectional in Seaglass Ticking

Our Lowcountry lifestyle here in South Carolina not only revolves around the beach, but our beautiful marshes and bays which are a source of delight for shrimpers, hunters and boaters. Family days out on the water sometimes result in our famous Pluff Mud invading the house. It's black, it's smelly, and it really sucks you in!  With a house full of visiting grand kids, what our client needed was a comfortable media room and space to sleep a couple of little ones in a pinch.  We converted an existing den by replacing a hodgepodge of beach house furnishings with one tailored sectional. It fills up the room and gives lots of seating, but compared to the old furnishings it creates an uncluttered appearance.

Washability was a key factor, but since the house is a classic older home with the requisite cypress plank walls, the homeowner prefers classic fabrics like cotton and linen.  She also wanted to lighten the space without painting the wood. We chose our Catalina Seaglass cotton ticking stripe.  The ivory background color really lightens the room, and the soft sea glass blue-green ticking stripe brings in a bit of color.  

Once the Catalina fabric has been washed and preshrunk, it softens up beautifully to add warmth and cottage charm wherever we use it.  Since it is a nice 10oz. weight it will easily hold up to the family's growing tribe of little ones. It comes in several colors, and we had a hard time deciding between these:

 When we arrived with the sectional, we discovered that our client had found an art piece made of reclaimed wood planks, which we happily hung in the corner.

Then we dressed the sectional with PillowFolly pillows from our shop, and added an unusual yellow and blue Oushak area rug. Since it's wool it will hold up well and clean well too.

The end result? Cottage charm, sitting and sleeping space, and durability. Perfect for this timeless Lowcountry home!

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